Monday, September 21, 2009

Tendulkar on 50 over cricket!

Tendulkar being the genius that he is on field, recently suggested that 50 over cricket be split into 4 innings of 25 overs each resembling a test match where each team gets 25 overs per innings. With all due respect to the maestro i certainly find it baffling that he of all people should come out with this suggestion. I mean he has the highest number of runs in ODI`s and a staggering average of 44.5 and 44 centuries to his credit. Without doubt he is one of the all time greats of ODI`s.

Now consider his IPL statistics. Played 20 matches and an average of 32.5 with 3 half centuries. Also consider the fact that he isn`t even in the squad for India`s National 20-20 team. With so many clean strikers of the ball in the Indian cricket team and the emphasis on youth i fail to understand why he would propose such a change from a format of the game where he is considered a God.If at all the switch to the format is made then his fate as a cricketer hangs in the balance.What befell Rahul Dravid as soon as he relinquished the captaincy of the team will certainly befall Tendulkar.
So here`s hoping that cricket remains what it is- a sport and a source of entertainment and a passion and not become a business deal. And here`s truly wishing Tendulkar ever more succes in his career and may he stick to scoring runs alone.

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